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Welcome to the

Chester Massachusetts Railway Station & Museum.

10 Prospect St. Chester, MA 01011








Railroad to the Moon

A documentary produced by the Chester Foundation.

A documentary in progress to show the railroad history in Massachusetts and the First Mountain Railroad in America engineered and constructed by George Washington Whistler, Whistler's Father, who married Whistler's Mother, of course, long before the famous painting. Consisting of ten Keystone Arch Bridges over the Mountains in Western Massachusetts. A trail was constructed leading to the seven remaining Remaining Arches in Chester Massachusetts Called The Keystone Arch Bridges Trail making it a wonder for all to see.


A Geoff Alson Video

Alson Video Productions



Chester on Track 2016 was the 25th year for this annual event. We also celebrated 175 years since the Western Railroad navigated these mountains. The First Mountain Railroad.

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May 20, 2017, CHESTER ON TRACK



This was the 26th anniversary for Chester On Track

The 176th anniversary of the opening of the Western Railroad,

now the CSX Boston Line.

This year was a great success thanks to the people of Chester and the many that came to town for the festivities.

Many people are involved in presenting COT and spend days to fulfill their contributions to the day.

We were fortunate this year for the loan of a unique audio system loaned to us by the Chester Common Table Restaurant

Directly across the tracks from the Station/Museum at 30 Main Street

I had dinner at the Common Table directly after the show and can tell you the food was fantastic.


What you missed this year if you couldn't make it:

Massive parade,

Massachusetts 10th Civil War re-enactors encampment,

Blacksmith demos,

and early Irish railroad re-enactors. 

Chainsaw carving

‘Dress up your bike’ and ‘dress up your pet’ contests. 

Live music all afternoon,

train show & craft fair,

1840's railroad station museum,

named a ‘Hidden Gem’

by U Mass, in Historically Listed downtown.

'one-lung' steam & gas engine demos, tractors,

Model ‘T’s, and classic cars,

duck race, petting zoo, bounce house.

A number of 1920's-era freight cars,

including wooden caboose,

and 'Children's Boxcar' on display.

Pinewood Derby,

Large scale locomotives and rolling stock

from the Pioneer Valley Live Steamers,

Guided mineral collection tour at Hamilton Memorial Library


Chester Historical Society at the ‘Old Jail’ will be open. 

Hike to the first American cluster of stone arch RR bridges

on Massachusetts' first Wild & Scenic River,

tour a working granite quarry and archeological stone works,

historic displays, food & more!


(donations accepted)

More info: (413) 354-7878 or P O Box 743,

Chester, MA 01011-0743. 

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Best estimate puts us at 18+ years of offering a truly unique camping experience in our 1919 wooden caboose at Chester Station. One thing lacking during all those years has been a set of original cushions for the wooden bunks.
This came to an end on Thursday, 7/30/15, when Alden Dreyer and Sally Wetherbee, associated with the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum
www.SFTM.org generously donated and delive
red a set of three (out of four needed) on behalf of the Trolley Museum. This is a red letter day in the history of Chester Caboose Camping. The cushions cleaned up beautifully.
Originally donated to the SFTM by George (Skip) Ford, the cushions fit none of the equipment in Shelburne Falls. George has become a benefactor of the Chester Railway museum and tipped us off to the existence of our long-coveted cushions. We offer many and sincere thanks to George, Alden, Sally, Sam Bartlett President, and the members of the SFTM for helping to make the experience of out guests more comfortable and authentic. Pictured are Sally and Alden in the Chester Caboose.






Member Application


Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to visit or by appointment. It is best to contact us if you plan to visit the station/museum

Call 413.354.7878, or Email Dave

You can also send us a message on Facebook (Chester Railway Station).



The Chester Foundation is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers to run The Chester Railway Station museum and event venue.

We welcome volunteers to help out with the events held and the upkeep of this magnificent historic building.






The Westfield Beneath the Arches



The Chester Foundation is offering a series of affordably priced limited and open edition watercolor prints by renowned artist, Steve Hamlin of Huntington of the magnificent Keystone Arches of Chester, Middlefield and Becket.  A portion of each sale is being generously donated by Hamlin to the Foundation for the upkeep of the Chester Railway Station on Prospect St. in Chester.


Call 413.354.7878 for more information.

Painting 1

Painting 2

Painting 3


Got us some pretty good publicity, and floated some of the Historic Landmark reasoning by the experts, when TRAINS magazine, the 'bible' for fans and members of the industry alike, printed my attached letter to the editor in response to a recent article.
Also proud to say they printed it as written with no edits, only added the name and date of the article referenced



Last weekend I met a cool dog.....and his owner.  :-)

A visitors account with excellent photos taken during his visit.

Welcome Mark.

(click here)






 Connie Fitzpatrick, owner of the Wretched Mess Garage transports Peter ‘Pepa’ White, Chester Foundation webmaster and Parade Marshall George Wheeler in the annual Chester On track parade.





Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show
Thanks for coming out to see us and for supporting the Hobby Show.

Chester On Track

The Parade Started the Day

Maggie the Saw Horse was again a thrill for the kids.

Train Viewing on the Stations Back Deck.

A Real Treat for Everyone was this Spectacular Layout.

Senator Michael Knapik  and Dave Pierce.

Every Day Entertainment.

The Raffle Drawing.

Coming and Going.


Thank you for supporting the great town of

Chester Massachusetts.



Santa and Mrs. Claus came to town...

Sunday December 11th

So we decided to have a

Christmas Party here at the Depot.


The Hobo Harvest Dinner was a complete success. We were overwhelmed with the success and want to thank everyone who made this possible.



To all our generous supporters:

This is a message of deep gratitude for those volunteers and members who contributed to the overwhelming success of the Hobo Harvest Dinner, either by preparing, serving, washing, or generally running around crazy, and those who helped to provide bodies for the overflowing seats.  You all made the event a huge fundraising success for the station, and the board and myself are very grateful. 
It's wonderful to see folks come together in these uncertain times, forget their cares for a bit, and exhibit all that makes perpetually resilient small town America so endearing.
Many thanks to all and please pass it on,


Caboose Rental



Lucy has a new Dress



Chester FD rescued the grinding train by pumping them some water near the station.



Chester Massachusetts.

Come join us all season long for a trip down the Chester Railroad memory lane at our 1840's restored Depot and Museum with rolling stock including an early steam engine, two boxcars you can enter with museum articles to study, a Baker's Chocolate tanker, our Blue Caboose kitchen with two cook stoves available for parties, a campout wooden caboose available for sleepovers and a small rail work car.

A full wrap-around deck encompasses the depot with a large stage at one end for concerts, speeches or just to have a relaxing picnic.

There is no charge to visit the depot museum and a modest fee to rent the facility. We do encourage donations to help support the stations existance. You will not believe what you will find at our treasured historic building and museum.

Study our web site and discover more of what we have to offer.



All Powered by

     -----The Chester Foundation-----    


Local Seasonal Activities:

Climb the ridges in Chester to get a different perspective of the Railroad, the valley and the station.

The Newman Marsh trail in the Chester Blandford state forest presents a
fabulous view of the railroad looking to the west!

Trailhead: Park at Sanderson Falls parking lot off of route 20 in Chester, trail starts 1/4 mile up Sanderson Brook Road. Total loop is about 2 miles.



  First Mountain Railroad


Santa and Mrs. Claus arriving at the station.




Everyone had a chance to visit with

Santa & Onia Claus





Mr. & Mrs. Claus then had to get back to the workshop to be sure the work is completed in time for delivery December 25th.




2008 Fall Concert Photo

On the Stage/Deck Overlooking the South Lawn

at the Station


Our Blue Caboose





....and After.



Thank You for coming to Chester On Track.


Click here for the days photos




Friends of the Keystone Arches, Inc. is announcing they have gotten permission from MA Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife to build a short trail along Walker Brook in Chester on the JJ Kelly Conservation Area.  It will follow about a mile of roadbed of the Chester & Becket Railroad a one-time granite hauler, past a wooden trestle and remnants of the Hampden Emery Plant to a nice overlook of the brook atop a granite bridge abutment.

The Chester & Becket Trail and the Keystone Arch Bridges Trail will be the only two formal trails on DFW land in the Western District.  Trails are usually the province of the Dept. of Conservation & Recreation.  The success of the Arch Trail weighed favorably in the decision.  The trail is in the early developmental stage, but it’s never too early to hear from interested volunteers.  Please visit: www.KeystoneArches.com   write:  P O Box 276, Huntington, MA 01050 or call:  (413) 354-7752.               


January 2009


"The Chester Foundation equipment rests under a blanket of snow awaiting summer visitors."


"Chester Foundation volunteers reach out to railfans at the Big E Train Show, sponsored by the Amherst Railway Society. 

We visited with many old and new

friends at this year's train show

Thanks for your support.


Visit www.keystonearches.com to see

 ice climbing at the Arches.


Powered by

     -----The Chester Foundation-----    




Christmas Party



Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived and visited at

The Chester Depot Museum

and they had a wonderful time.

(I asked them).

And, as seen above,

some folks had plenty.....

of fun.



Fall Concert



Thank You for the support






Lulu and the Shoemakers



Lulu and the Shoemakers

with guests: Pete White and Paul Rice




10 Prospect Street

Chester, Massachusetts



An ongoing effort to raise the funds needed to keep our depot operating.

Please come and join us.



President Dave Pierce

10th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry


Barbara Huntoon

Our very own Secretary, Chief Cook and bottle washer and singer of our National Anthem.

Vincent Dowling

Speaking of the people and events of the station and it's survival

April Grant

Period performance of the days of our stations birth, the 1840's.

Pioneer Valley Fiddlers

The Jake Larkin Band

Geoff Alson

Alson Video Productions

The Chester Railway Station Museum

Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to visit or by appointment.

Call 413.354.7878, or Email Dave

You can also send us a message on Facebook (Chester Railway Station).

10 Prospect Street

Chester, Massachusetts 01011




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